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Pediatric Dentist Royse City

Fate Family Dental loves to see kids from 6 months old and up. We have a wonderful dinosaur chair which helps keep the children at ease.

A child’s first trip to the dentist sets the tone for their entire life. Their opinion of and relationship with their dentist is established then and there. When handled well, that visit gets the child excited about keeping their teeth and gums healthy. When handled poorly, it can scar the child and make them less likely to visit the dentist and thereby cause them to only visit when their health is dire.

Because of how crucial these early visits can be, parents want to make sure they take their child to a dentist who specializes in treating kids. Doing so boosts the child’s long-term dental health by establishing healthy habits and a positive relationship with the dentist.

The First Visit

Children's Dentistry in Fate, Royse City, RockwallOften the ideal first visit falls around the child’s first birthday. This can happen roughly six months after the child’s first baby tooth has erupted from the gum, and by twelve months the child should have a couple of their baby teeth already grown in.
Before the first visit, parents should make sure to explain openly to their child that they are visiting the dentist and answer any questions beforehand. Parents can make a huge difference by setting the child’s expectations and putting their minds at ease before introducing them to this new place.
Parents will also want to ensure they take their child to a dentist who specializes in pediatric or family dentistry. While all dentists are qualified to treat children, a pediatric or family dentist has special training and amenities that helps make younger patients comfortable and feel more at ease.

Expert Child Dental Care

During childhood, the dentist keeps an eye on the eruption and condition of baby teeth. That includes examining for cavities and preventing decay. The dentist can also advise the parents on other issues, such as whether or not to use fluoridated toothpaste, the proper use of a pacifier and when to stop using bottles.

As the child grows, their dental care changes to fit their needs. The child will learn proper brushing and flossing etiquette which, with the help and reinforcement of the parents, will prepare them for a lifetime of dental health and wellness.

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